Freia’s ethical commitment consists in the desire to create tangible value for everyone we come into contact with:

towards people, by ensuring the protection of their health and improving their quality of life through the development of new products, investment in new technologies and educational and information campaigns

towards enterprises, by promoting the search for improvements in the collective well-being through the promotion of nationwide scientific research and through rigorous respect for the environment

towards our company, by ensuring excellent results through respect for our employees and our scientific and commercial partners

Quality, environment and safety

The quality of our therapeutic solutions is one of the essential requirements for guaranteeing patient safety and building a relationship of trust with the medical profession.



For its collaborators, Freia Farmaceutici develops specific activities and practices to ensure their well-being in workplace by offering them any possibility to work remotely from anywhere. It provides innovative tools (Balanced Scorecard) that allow its employees to follow and clearly understand their objectives and to evaluate how they contribute to create value.

Patient organisations

Our commitment to improving people health around the world is a common goal that we share with patients and healthcare professionals. For this reason, Freia Farmaceutici has activated a real and constructive dialogue with several Patient Associations, based on respect for mutual independence and transparency, establishing a relationship based on ethical values ​that distinguish the Company.


Ethical commitment in research

Freia Farmaceutici adheres to strict guidelines in the implementation of its own research and development programmes to protect people and the environment and to ensure that we are creators of value for the entire Country: always discovering new solutions for personal care and the well-being; giving priority to the safety of the person; engaging in clinical trials in Italy with the creation of partnerships of value with research centres and hospitals; seeking qualitative excellence in formulation, control and trial processes.


Aware of training importance in science and research, Freia Farmaceutici has also chosen to support scholarships over the years.

During the 2017-2019 period, Freia Farmaceutici provided scholarships and research grants for a total amount of over 20,000 euros.

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