People enhancement is central to every Freia Farmaceutici development process. In this sense, diversity of thought is a source of cultural enrichment and is promoted and rewarded.

For Freia, it is key to count on highly qualified, motivated and involved people: in Freia, every task is intended as an opportunity for professional and personal fulfilment.

Corporate Welfare

For its collaborators, Freia Farmaceutici develops specific activities and practices to ensure their well-being in workplace by offering them any possibility to work remotely from anywhere. It provides innovative tools (Balanced Scorecard) that allow its employees to follow and clearly understand their objectives and to evaluate how they contribute to create value.

  • 2022


    Development of an Incentive and Reward plan linked to each Personal Balanced Scorecard

  • 2025

    Stock option plan

    Development of a Stock option plan linked to individual contribution to reaching company targets.

Gender equality

Freia, faithful to its name, is a gender equality company: the female population in the company represents almost all of the employees and specific wellness women’s health prevention programs are being defined, with the direct participation of employee representatives.

Clear equal pay policies are also enforced for employees doing the same or equivalent work, regardless of their gender.

  • 2022

    Woman Wellbeing

    Development of a corporate female welfare plan

  • 2025

    Female Empowerment

    Development of a female empowerment project in a developing country

Professional and personal development

At Freia Farmaceutici, people have a fundamental value, that is the reason why the company invests in learning processes for its employees, both internally and externally.

Today, more than 10% of working time is dedicated to training and personal development activities.

  • 2022

    Corporate library

    Development of a multidisciplinary corporate library available to all employees and activation of a corporate PhD programme.

  • 2025

    Executive master

    Availability for each employee with a degree to activate an executive master program

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