Quality, environment and Safety

The quality of our therapeutic solutions is one of the essential requirements for guaranteeing patient safety and building a relationship of trust with the medical profession.

A fundamental element in ensuring qualitative excellence is strict compliance with industry regulations. In particular, Freia Farmaceutici has adopted, as reference standards for preclinical studies, the Good Laboratories Practices; for clinical studies, the Good Clinical Practices; for all production processes, the Good Manufacturing Practices; and, for distribution, the Good Distribution Practices. Finally, all regulations concerning the supervision of all therapeutic solutions developed form an integral part of our corporate culture.

Sono infine patrimonio della nostra cultura aziendale le normative relative alla vigilanza per tutte le soluzioni terapeutiche sviluppate.

Our certifications

Politica per la qualità

Politica per la qualità-ambiente

Freia Farmaceutici is also working to obtain the following certifications: SA 8000:2008 (Corporate Ethical Behaviour) and ISO 22005:2007 (Feed and Food Traceability Systems).

Our targets for Quality, environment and Safety Protection

All Freia branded products derive from an oil extracted from hemp seeds.

Hemp can be considered a green and sustainable plant because of its strong depolluting action, eliminating also heavy metals up to four meters in depth in the soil, in its life cycle it reduces an important amount of CO2 and it does not require fertilizers to grow nor pesticides.

Targets 2025

  • 100% used paper deriving from hemp
  • -30% consumption of water resources compared to 2015
  • Promotion of a smoke-free work environment through the adoption of a NO Smoking Policy
  • Raising awareness of direct and indirect staff on the risks associated with alcohol intake
  • Promotion of a healthy diet and a correct lifestyle to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases
  • Increased awareness of direct and indirect employees about the importance of a healthy lifestyle
  • Promotion of safe driving programs
  • Development of a comfortable and healthy work environment, ensuring ergonomic workstations
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