Research and Development

Freia Farmaceutici believes that the future of a country is linked to its ability to generate innovation. Research, the main source of innovation, must therefore be adequately and constantly supported mainly by those companies involved in protecting personal health and well-being.

On the basis of this conviction, and consistent with its mission, Freia Farmaceutici is committed to reinvesting a significant portion of its annual turnover in research and development activities.

Freia Farmaceutici’s research is concentrated along certain main axes:

Increasing our knowledge and know-how in established therapeutic areas, such as autoimmune and dermatological disorders

Developing new chemical and pharmaco-biological studies of certain substances of a natural origin that are particularly suitable for the correction of biochemical and metabolic defects that underlie numerous pathologies

Identifying effective and safe therapeutic solutions in respect of the central nervous system and pain therapy, with the aim of improving the living conditions of patients.

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